Our Consultants

EZEN consultants have built reputations as experienced, hands-on, results oriented problem solvers in process innovation, information technology, and human change management. Because of this breadth of experience, EZEN maintains the unique ability to understand the broader aspects of your business and determine holistic solutions. We can help you evaluate feasibility, organizational impact, the correct project approach, identify the best solutions, and, if desired, help you successfully implement those solutions.


Converting your organization’s critical business information from paper documents to electronic images can be the distinguishing factor that puts your company ahead of the competition. The benefits of imaging are immense:

Reduces storage, processing, and transportation costs.

Enhances communication, process, and workflow efficiencies.

Promotes security, compliance, and documentation.

The EZEN Process

At the origination point, documents are scanned or information is captured electronically.

Once data is captured, streamlined interfaces perform additional indexing and quality assurance for readability, business rules, and verifications.

Verified documents can be rendered in a wide variety of formats, routed in a workflow, and securely managed by additional content services.


Migrating content from one environment to another is a highly sensitive effort requiring the strictest attention to detail, integrity, and security. EZEN embodies these attributes in our service as well as our migration products. Before utilizing any product to aid migration, EZEN helps companies take a thorough inventory of their migration needs. The process begins with an extensive analysis of the source repository, including analysis of the file/folder structure and discovery of the number of documents and duplicates, document formats, and estimated migration time and cost. After defining migration sets based on client structure, user rights and other classifications, users can enrich content by adding metadata from the source system, such as attributes and access control lists (ACLs). The analysis results in a detailed, complex set of tasks needed to complete the migration, which typically requires specialised tools and expertise. These tools are used for the final step in the process – the actual transfer of content with the metadata into the repository.

EZEN has developed specific frameworks to support the migration of legacy content to new repositories, such as EMC Documentum. Our framework features robust capabilities for migrating large amounts of EMC Documentum content in a scalable fashion, supporting the transfer of content through an easy-to-use interface. Our frameworks are developed to migrate content relationships and lifecycle information, perform multi-threaded loads, control logging levels, and map attribute values between repositories. Scheduled incremental migration provides many uses, including content archiving, incremental backups, migration from test to staging environments, and the import of reports or other objects on a predefined schedule.


It is ultimately the day-to-day business processes that can make or break organizational success. Synchronising those processes across an entire enterprise improves efficiencies, compliance, and risk mitigation. This requires a comprehensive framework that supports internal and external objectives—both seamlessly and efficiently.


A company’s digital assets (rich media such as product images, streaming video, logos, and presentations) are often underutilised because they are not easily located and/or accessed. EZEN crafts an environment that fully leverages the value of your digital assets by enabling users to easily store, search, access, modify, and repurpose these items.

Our experience with the infrastructures of FORTUNE 1000 organisations makes EZEN an industry leader in business process management (BPM) solutions. We help companies define and install frameworks uniquely suited to their needs, enabling:

Collaboration - link the people, applications, and content of unstructured processes across the enterprise.

Queue Management - Monitor inventory, statuses, volumes, and other pertinent data through a centralised engine.

External Integration – Construct a standards-based framework for external processes that integrates data exchange within your own platform.

Scalable Growth - Adjust along with the changing drivers of your business. Simplified, easy-to-use tools running off a robust engine and repository make changes easier to implement.

Digital asset management solutions
from EZEN provide multiple benefits:

Allows users to more effectively manage their rich media along with the rest of their content on a unified platform and repository.

Automates the acquisition, indexing, storage, security, searching, transformation, and export of all digital assets.

Delivers relevant content to the appropriate people as soon as it is required.

Promotes content reuse for multiple initiatives regardless of platform or file format, saving knowledge workers the trouble of re-authoring or re-publishing media.

Allows users to rapidly change digital assets without losing consistency or control.

Our solution is designed to work with your document and records management needs, so you benefit from a cohesive, scalable solution that works with you now and grows into the future with you. Visit our Document Management and Records Management solutions links for more details on how we’re helping companies succeed.


Compliance demands make it increasingly arduous for organizations to manage records. Legacy repositories have quickly become overburdened, creating inefficiencies and the potential for risk. And, in addition to efficient storage of records, companies must take proactive measures to organize the data for consistent and expedient retrieval in the event of an audit. EZEN understands that underlying this broad objective, industries face specific records management challenges within their respective enterprises:

FinancialSEC Rules 17a-3 and 17a-4 , NASD 3110 , NTM 98-
Services 11 (Amendments to Rules 3010 and 3110)
Corporate Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002
Government Electronic Signatures Act, US Department of Defense Standard 5015.2 , NPG 1441.1C , NARA General Records Schedule 20
Healthcare Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) , Medicare Conditions ofParticipation (MCP)
Human Resources Fair Labor Standards Act , Toxic Substances Control Act , Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA)

EZEN enables effective records management by crafting a coordinated enterprise-wide approach for your company. The records management system is woven throughout the IT infrastructure, corporate processes, and information archives, allowing for consistent capture and maintenance of all types of content. This not only mitigates risk but also allows you to more efficiently:

Store and dispose of records- Remove unneeded items at the earliest appropriate dates.

Search and access - An organized methodology of the most current, required inventory promotes accessibility.

Access information – Find critical business information that could otherwise be lost in personal mailboxes, hard drives, and network folders.

Scale - As regulations change or increase, the system grows accordingly with no incremental software.

Contact EZEN for an assessment of your company’s records management needs.