EZEN’s Data Mining Service converts data into usable information that provides valuable inputs on reducing operating costs and minimizing equipment maintenance costs. Our Data Mining Service equips our customers with the means to quickly sift through the morass of vast amounts of data to locate potential areas of improvement. We also have a dedicated staff of Subject Matter Experts to help your organisation identify opportunities and provide maintenance consultation. At the customer’s option, our experts “mine” their usage data for valuable information to target savings opportunities.

We have experience developing solutions across many industries, including banking, insurance, e-commerce, telecom, and retail. Our knowledge and experience in enterprise data mining add value to our extensive client portfolio.

A systematic approach is essential for successful data mining. EZEN follows its own proven process model. Note that the data mining process is not linear. The loops in the process model indicate that the analyst may visit one or more previous steps depending on the result of that step. For example, the results of the data exploration phase may require you to add new data to the data mining database. Usually a number of initial models are built in order to arrive at a satisfactory model. The business definition phase and the results deployment phase govern the effectiveness of the entire process.