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eTMF Support

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EZEN offers a wide range of TMF-related services, supported by a unique combination of clinical trial knowledge, document management skills, regulatory understanding, and technical expertise.

TMF/eTMF Consulting: With our team of experts in our client solutions division, EZEN offers services to assess our clients existing business processes and identify areas where process and productivity improvements can be made.

eTMF Business Processing: EZEN uses secure IT connections and remote scanning to process TMF documents.

TMF Quality Control

Trial Master File Quality Control (TMF QC) is carried out by our team of trained and experienced individuals who check the TMF documentation at several key stages through the clinical trial process, often upon receipt of documents and pre-archive, at the Sponsor site, the Contract Research Organization (CRO) site or EZEN offices.

The TMF Health Check– a snapshot view of the state of your TMF

TMF remediation of issues raised during QC to follow up with sites and CROs

TMF gap analysis and completeness assessment

EZEN can also

This high-level check is to ensure artefacts are accounted for (present or absent) in the TMF. The general standard of filing, including accuracy and reverse date ordering, is also checked. The output of Level 1 QC is a summary checklist detailing artefacts with missing documents.

Level 2 QC
Document Level Checking

Includes high-level section checks as defined in Level 1, including document quality checks for dates, signatures, versions, and completeness and cross- checks to ensure associated documents are present and complete. The output is a series of reports based on the TMF structure per trial, country, or site, allowing the data and findings to be assessed and presented in a variety of ways.

Level 3 QC
Compliance & Oversight Checks

This includes section and document level checking, as defined in Level 2, including a further review of documents and processes to check for compliance and oversight. The output is a comprehensive report customised to your requirements.

Inspection Readiness

Is your TMF ready for your next regulatory inspection?

Can your team effectively support inspection-related activities?

EZEN’s experience with TMF and eTMF requirements from a Regulatory Authority perspective is unmatched.

Our team of experienced document experts and consultants will help you prepare your TMF ahead of inspection through a selection of services offered at the sponsor site, Contract Research Organization site (CRO), the investigator site, or our offices. EZEN can help clients prepare their TMF through a variety of services:


TMF consolidation and re-mapping as appropriate

Supporting client teams to understand EZEN processes (EZEN teams at client sites)

Store TMF documents as required

Host inspection if required

Client site support – organization, interview scribing

Interim Resources

Contract Resources

EZEN Clinical is a team of trained and experienced industry professionals who provide worldwide contract and short-term project-based support to clients across the industry. These resources can be provided at either the client’s or EZEN's offices. EZEN Clinical can provide individuals under client management teams or EZEN management.

EZEN's Clinical offers an independent and flexible approach to ensuring projects are appropriately resourced and managed, whether on a global or local level. Working closely with clients to understand their specific business needs, we will assign appropriate individuals to complete the project from three core service teams: Team 1, 2, and 3.

Enhanced by our Freelance Register, the EZEN team has additional flexibility for resourcing projects, ensuring that all projects are allocated to appropriately trained and experienced staff to ensure project deliverables are met.

Team 1 : Consists of industry trained Clinical Project Administrators, Study Manager

Team 2 : typically comprised of Clinical Trial Administrators and

Team 3 consists of: Project Managers, Trial Master File Specialists, Clinical Research Associates (CRAs), Auditors, Technical Writers, Clinical Data Entry specialist, Pharmacist Consultants etc. The typical tasks are detailed below:

The EZEN Clinical staff is fully trained in clinical research guidelines including GCP, ICH, FDA, EMEA, the EU Directives and local requirements. The team has a wealth of experience within clinical research gained from working on a range of commercial projects within large and small pharmaceutical, medical device, CRO and biotechnology companies.

eTMF Support

A significant number of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies already have a document management system that is integral to their daily operations. A number of these companies have extended their document management system to encompass elements of an eTMF through either in-house customization of their platform or through the purchase of an external (vendor) eTMF solution.

EZEN offers a completely customized client solution. By using secure IT connections and remote scanning, EZEN can support all systems. All essential TMF paper documentation can be maintained either at the client site or at EZEN's offices. To date, we have worked with eight different eTMF systems, mostly based on SharePoint or Documentum.