We realize that systematic organization of business-related data is crucial to the success of your business and will work directly with you to build a solution that is tailored to your needs. We have designed single-user, multi-user, and globally distributed database solutions.

For many organisations, the early years of computer technology seemed only to create a great deal of paperwork. Even today, many companies still face high incompatibilities between their business requirements and how their corporate software fulfills them.

This is why EZEN begins by identifying your specific needs and then builds software that addresses them. And – most important – we can help you understand what’s new in computer technology and how you can leverage it most cost-effectively, to improve your business processes.

We are very skilled in developing database solutions with most major database technologies, including Oracle , Microsoft, and IBM. With years of designing and developing relational database models, EZEN can provide the right solution for your business environment.

Data storage is a part of every company, big or small. Although there is a good deal of off-the-shelf basic software that will satisfy some, or even most, of your company’s needs, it usually falls short of what is actually needed. Whether it is a basic customer information system with your custom information fields, queries, and reports, or an advanced database system, EZEN’s database service can meet your needs at a very reasonable price.

Our outsourcing option, using a tested delivery methodology, should provide you with even greater cost savings.