With the ever-increasing number of connected devices in the world, the Internet of Things (IoT) has not just the potential, but also the means to be a disruptive force. One that will completely alter the way business is done and customers are engaged with.

Keeping this in mind, global enterprises need to realize the value of IoT, develop the requisite strategies to keep pace with this disruption, and also achieve operational efficiencies and enrich customer experience by harnessing its power.

IoT Service Offerings

Our multidisciplinary skills and cross-pollinated knowledge ensures that we offer services across the length and breadth of client-needs, within two segments:

Consumer IoT : Connected car, connected care, connected home, and safety solutions using wearables

Enterprise IoT : For the industrial segment, solutions focusing on monitoring, controlling, and optimizing asset efficiencies across operational, maintenance, information, and energy efficiencies.

IoT Value Proposition

Extensive domain expertise, along with engineering knowledge, is needed for demystifying the cyber-physical intersection and deriving meaningful information from the data.

An ecosystem integrator that simplifies the fragmented technology landscape.

Provides time-to-market advantage; proven solution components that address industry-specific use cases.

Technology consulting services that provide solutions for ‘retrofitting’ existing equipment to enable data acquisition and connectivity.