Digital Strategy

Innovation-driven digital transformation lies at the core of what we do. The technology at the disposal of an enterprise evolves incredibly fast. We help you cut through the noise and determine exactly how technology can effectively accelerate your business. The technology we’re leveraging to help enterprises today includes cloud-based solutions, data analytics, machine learning, experience design, and more.

Cloud Strategy

Our solutions are built in the cloud because we’ve witnessed the cloud’s transformative power time and again. Though cloud adoption really took off a few years ago, taking full advantage of cloud tools still seems like an enigma to many large organisations. We assess your current technology footprint and business objectives to plan a cloud transformation that creates real value for your business. As award-winning cloud experts and the Google Cloud North America Services Partner of the Year, we’re here to help clients understand how to leverage the cloud most effectively.

Transformational Planning

Implementing real change requires a coordinated effort across organizational, technical, and market boundaries, which, in turn, demands a holistic plan and execution strategy. Achieving results in one area of the company often depends on making a change in another. Transformation planning synchronizes these interdependencies to avoid risk estimation errors, missed expectations, and poor results. EZEN helps drive transformation planning in a number of ways, including business case development, roadmaps, and governance models.

Digital Transformation Office

Along the same lines as transformation planning, a Digital Transformation Office can help enterprises manage multiple interdependent work streams. Management across projects can be especially difficult when large-scale digital and cloud initiatives are in the mix. From developing standardized practices and effort estimation approaches, to ensuring repeatability, this solution can provide the necessary structure and focus on business outcomes.

Change Management

In any meaningful change initiative, there is a real difference between the focus, competencies, technology, and procedures that run today’s operation and those that will apply tomorrow. And even if the solution developed for tomorrow is perfect, it will only yield returns if a company can achieve adoption. This is where change management comes in. Adoption requires disciplines that drive desired change in human behaviors. While technology creates opportunity, it’s people who deliver business results.

Product Management

For our clients who elect, after careful analysis alongside EZEN’s expertise, to build versus buy, we drive the process of developing product and platform requirements. We’ve launched many successful and lucrative applications for clients and know which methods deliver the best results.

Agile Transformation

Leveraging agile delivery practices has helped many of our clients transform how they deliver business value. We promote and leverage agile methodology to deliver game-changing apps quickly, help our clients stay ahead in uncertain market conditions, and continuously improve product quality through constant monitoring and iterative updates.