The outsourcing process is often complex and can sometimes be difficult to manage; however, offshore engineering services can provide considerable cost savings, among other advantages. EZEN has developed a managed risk approach that includes a “capability growth strategy.” Our engineers take a gradually increasing role in the management responsibilities of your projects once we have become experts in your organization’s focus, initiatives, and projects.

Over time, our engineers will handle every aspect of your product development cycle, from concept design through manufacturability studies, and they will function as an integral part of your development team.

We have developed a special web-based project management tool called iProject that allows you to closely track the progress of your project at any time of the day or night. Our proven three-stage delivery process—preplanning, planning, and project execution—ensures secure data connectivity, smooth project coordination between you and our offshore team, and a detailed project execution methodology.

Our offshore facility utilises state-of-the-art data communications equipment and all of the major industry-standard CAD/CAM/CAE tools to ensure a seamless link with your organisation. Our team works in three shifts. The main shift works during U.S. nighttime hours to get your product to market much quicker than if traditional methods were utilised.

From Sketchpad to Product Launch

Our team can handle every aspect of the engineering process, including legacy data conversion, concept design, computer aided engineering analysis, detailed design, manufacturability studies, and supply chain support. In most cases, we develop the concept design as a solid model that can be used for motion analysis, interference checks, and visual evaluation.

We use advanced computer aided engineering tools such as finite element analysis and mechanism analysis to create virtual prototypes, allowing us to evaluate the performance of your design prior to building the first prototype. This approach makes it possible to evaluate a range of alternatives and develop a solid understanding of the factors driving product performance and cost, thus making it easy to arrive at an optimised design.

Interface with Manufacturing

Once the design concept has been approved, we’ll provide technical documentation, including datum setups, geometric tolerancing and dimensioning, accurate material callouts, etc. If necessary, we will develop prototypes and create test equipment, or we can provide you with the documentation required for prototype construction.

We can also perform manufacturability studies such as variability analysis to ensure the production of a quality product before it is released for manufacturing. We can also design fixtures for manufacturing, inspection, and injection moulds, including selection of mould bases, design of gate location and type, cooling lines, weld lines, runner and gate balancing, parting line location and flow, and warpage analysis.