Improving healthcare security through vulnerability management, compliance, and data protection.

Problem Statement

Product Security

Avoid pitfalls of traditional approaches to vulnerability management

Improve clinical care quality and safety through real time utilization data

Non-compliance with industry standards

Application Security

Improper configuration of application security policies at firmware and software levels

Unauthorized authentication & modification

Data Security

Unstructured data and unauthorized sharing of critical information

Compliance with data protection and privacy laws

Limited visibility on data residing on cloud applications

EZEN Solution

Implementation of Vulnerability Management

Patch implementation on medical devices in non-production environment

Real-Time, continuous monitoring of security alerts

Monitor critical logs, utilization and performance of the medical devices

External Compliance Management

HIPPA, GDPR, Privacy Laws, IEC 62304, UL 2900-2-1, AAMI TIR57, FDA 510 (K), FDA Premarket Cybersecurity Guidelines, etc.

Network Architecture Management

Network & Data Flow Mapping

Network Segmentation and Configuration Management

Secure Development for Embedded Software/ Applications

Input/ Output validation, Validate OWASP top 10 application vulnerabilities, etc.

Data Protection & Privacy

Data Classification & Encryption Algorithms (at Rest & Transit)

Backup & Restoration of critical data elements

Cyber Threat Intelligence Framework

Cyber Tool Implementation Support

Cyber & Product Risk Management Practice

Comprehensive tools, frameworks & Methodologies


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