Our digital transformation solution for the prescription to pill process offers a unique, precision medicine approach to medication delivery. Unlike the traditional one-size-fits-all approach, our solution allows for multi-specific vitamin delivery, available at every pharmacy for easy accessibility.

Our cutting-edge digital electro-mechanical system utilizes a rules engine, logic unit, bin assembly, double cone mixer, tableting machine, and packaging and labeling components to efficiently produce custom pills with precise dosages. The system is software-driven, with a user-friendly interface that translates prescription numbers into the respective quantity of each required ingredient.

Our interdisciplinary and cross-functional team, consisting of seven members and SMEs, boasts integrated engineering expertise and deep domain competencies. We have partnered with premium research institutes and academia to stay at the forefront of innovation and remain dedicated to operational excellence through Agile methodology and external review and certification.

With a projected revenue of $300 million per annum and the ability to disrupt the $18 billion drug market, our breakthrough innovation has earned us a patent award (7574844) and established us as a leader in precision medicine. Our system can produce 9 million tablets per day (with a throughput of 50 tabs/min) and can be easily adapted by pharmacies across the USA.