HCM Cloud

Human Capital Management

Oracle’s Human Capital Management Cloud enables modern human resources organizations to find and retain the best talent and increase global agility to remain competitive. Whether your organization is small or large, EZEN can help you gain operational excellence, increase efficiencies, and increase agility, with a single global cloud system that aligns common HR processes, while supporting your compliance and business processes. Oracle’s HCM Cloud solution supports single or multiple countries across the globe.
Global Human Resources and Talent Management

Global Human Resources goes beyond traditional HR tasks with applications that balance people, process, and technology to improve workforce efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity. Global processes, interactive organizational charts, collaborative tools, predictive analytics, and role-defined processes are natively delivered out-of-the-box to enable rapid deployment of all critical HR functionality.

Benefits can be configured to enable organizations to evolve and adapt to the unique needs of their workforce and are an integral part of any total compensation package. The benefits platform can deliver both traditional and simple “one size fits all’ plans as well as highly complex plans that selectively target different segments of the workforce with different benefit packages and eligibility requirements.

Benefits self-service will present the employee with an intuitive open enrollment process. Oracle Talent Management Cloud capabilities illustrate the direct correlation between managing, developing, and retaining talent within the organization. Several metrics can easily be viewed by managers with drill down capabilities to ensure that your top talent is identified and nurtured and developed at your organization. Succession planning is also inherent in the solution if needed.

The flexible and configurable Performance Management tool supports varying processes to conduct peer reviews, multi rater, mid - year and annual reviews. Key metrics regarding ratings, status, and completion dates are easily visible on manager dashboards for review at any time.

Workforce Compensation

Workforce Compensation tools allow organizations to create unlimited compensation plans such as executive plans, merit, bonus plans and incentive plans. These plans can easily be sent to various levels across the organization. Cycle times for compensation planning are significantly reduced utilizing this approach. Multiple currencies can be configured for compensation plans if needed.

Time and Labor

Time and Labor allows employees to be able to clock in via the web clock, mobile punch, or allocate hours and start and end times to tasks, projects, and departments as appropriate. Time and Labor set up can vary by group and allows managers to be able to update and approve time quickly and efficiently. Time and Labor has the ability to update payroll with the hours and exception time to eliminate redundant data entry and errors across the organization.

Absence Management

Absence Management allows employers the ability to be able to track FMLA, exception time such as sick, vacation, and jury duty. Dashboards allow managers to be able to spot absence trends and take action by employee and group.

Global Payroll

Global Payroll is a highly scalable processing engine that allows for parallel processing of even the most complex payrolls both domestically and globally. More than 200 countries and localities are supported with extensions that deliver payroll calculations, tax reporting and regulatory rules to help you remain in compliance. Oracle’s compliance team constantly monitors legislative changes and delivers updates to the payroll solution and supported country extensions.

In countries where payroll is not managed internally, some organizations utilize in country processors. Oracle Global Payroll can integrate to support sending of critical employee payroll information to these third parties to process the payroll if needed.