PLM Services

EZEN has the following PLM capabilities and service offerings in relation to management and integration of product data:

1.1.1 New Implementations/Reengineering

EZEN’s expertise lies in analyzing existing business processes associated with product data and identifying opportunities/value in replacing, upgrading or conceiving and implementing new PDM/PLM implementations. EZEN can help companies to identify and fill this void relative to existing enterprise, engineering, manufacturing and supply chain systems. EZEN can use its experience to help customers define solutions from process definition or reengineering and carry it through implementation, training and handover to support.

The areas where EZEN can bring in its expertise

1.1.2 Migrations and upgrades

EZEN uses its expertise to help customers to

1.1.3 Integrations and Visualization

Integrations with enterprise and related systems

Build Interfaces to:

Content Search to ease Document Management

Supply Chain Integrations

Web based collaboration and visualization tools

1.1.4 Support and Sustenance

Based on SLA;

1.1.5 Other Capabilities of EZEN

CAD Customization

Customization of package CAD Applications like Unigraphics, ProE,Solidworks, AutoCAD, etc

Interfaces between CAD/CAM/CAE and PDM packages

Custom CAD Application development

Sound knowledge in standard CAD exchange specifications like DXF, IGES, STEP, etc

3D Graphics Solutions

Extensive experience in web based graphics like VRML, Open inventor, SVG, etc,

Sound knowledge of graphics engines like DirectX, OpenGL, Java3D, etc,

Custom 3D graphics application development

Capability in Geometry, Simulation & Imaging

1.1.6 PLM Technologies

EZEN has expertise in solving customer problems by building solutions using the following PDM/PLM tools: