Digital Experience & Design

Beyond User Experience: Thinking Experience First

Many companies struggle to use customer experience ideas, concepts, and research to inform the technology that they build. Whether it is for customer-facing or internal apps, Experience Design connects your enterprise’s vision with an impactful user experience to keep customers and employees engaged.

Mastering this process will become increasingly vital to enterprises over the next few years. Many customers are already managing their relationship with companies with no human interaction. Currently, many enterprises are stuck in the era of User Experience, using a “technology first” instead of an “experience first” approach. Companies taking this approach often hop on the bandwagon of new tech without stopping to think about what matters most to the end user.

Unlike traditional UX, Experience Design encompasses the full human experience by taking into account that technology is not the destination but the vehicle. EZEN'S Experience Design work focuses on creating a holistic end-user experience that combines a variety of technologies, interactions, and touchpoints that blend fluid, forward-thinking aesthetics with functional solutions. Our Experience Design team helps clients envision and define outcome-based experiences that feed the creative and technical design process. This ultimately enables EZEN to design, build, and deploy innovative solutions that drive real value for your company.


EZEN'S Experience Design Approach

Many enterprises struggle to connect customer and employee research with the systems, tools, and technologies they build. EZEN steps in to help answer the question:how can this valuable data best drive the experience for users?

Our approach connects the dots from desired business outcomes to the design elements that create the behavioral changes to ultimately move the needle. We integrate the Experience Design and Application Development teams to ensure both have sufficient insight using a method we refer to as Agile-Integrated Design.

Experience Design Deliverables

Spotlight Designs

These are designs that represent the experience in visual form. They are a key first step towards identify technologies, estimating development efforts and securing buy-in from critical customer or stakeholders.

Persona Grids

These helpful tools consolidate all of our user research information into clearly illustrated behavioral patterns. The resulting grids designate how behaviors can be described and mapped to personas along a spectrum from low to high.

Persona Maps

These maps dig deeper into each persona listed on the grid, designating a pathway for each persona through the grid and highlighting how behavioral changes along the way will achieve the intended business results. Persona maps list persona details, goals, and challenges, plus motivational design themes that would help to move the persona in the right direction.