Data Warehousing

Many businesses have realized that the only way to sustain an advantage in today's economic climate is to leverage information better than their competition. It is imperative to the success of any data warehousing effort to handle the development in small, manageable projects that are closely aligned with business needs and priorities. The business subject areas (e.g. customer, product, and account) should form the basis for each of these small projects and the comprehensive data warehouse.

With its significant knowledge of relevant business data requirements and related issues, EZEN is well suited to assist organizations in planning and defining their data warehouse needs.

EZEN's data warehouse service offerings are delivered by consultants who bring knowledge and experience in business systems development, expertise in current data warehousing tools and techniques, and proven facilitation skills. EZEN practices knowledge-transfer throughout the delivery of these offerings, thereby letting clients control their data warehouse environment once the client sign-off has been obtained.

EZEN's data warehouse methodology uses an iterative approach to implement systems that produce short-term returns, while building the basis for long-term success. We provide a bridge between business and information technology by using a robust business-based methodology to plan, implement and support a data warehouse solution that meets the goals of the business users. This plan would be customized to meet specific client needs and the environment.

Objectives, planning and requirements

Documentation of business requirements, priorities, purpose and objectives of the data warehouse. An incremental implementation strategy is defined.

Architecture definition

Logical and technical framework for the data warehouse environment.

Data warehouse project plan

Definition of scope, success factors, costs, benefits, budget, team organization, tasks, schedules, resources and issue management.

Data warehouse business & data analysis

IT staff and end-user requirements are documented.

Data warehouse development

Development of the database, metadata, user interface, and data.

Data warehouse testing

Testing of the data warehouse system and user acceptance.

Data warehouse transition

The data warehouse is moved to the production environment.

Data warehouse administration & maintenance

Cost effective maintenance can often be performed using EZEN's offshore facility in Hyderabad, India, or a combination of onsite and offshore personnel.