Industry Overview

According to report by Mckinsey, “The global market for offshored IT services and business processes has nearly tripled since 2001. However, a study finds that service providers have so far captured only 10 percent of a $300 billion opportunity. The pace of adoption will be shaped by the interplay of three forces: supply (the capacity and quality of offshore locations), demand (the rate at which companies adopt offshoring), and the actions of industry players”.

According to Naascom, After making it big in the global IT enabled services and business process outsourcing market, the offshore engineering services segment is set to be the next big thing for Indian IT firms. Global spending on engineering services was $750 billion in 2004 and is projected to increase to $1.1 trillion by 2020. Nasscom sees potential for $40-billion business by 2020 EZEN is well positioned to make use of this emerging opportunity.

Company Overview


EZEN’s management has a cumulative experience of over 70 years in the Information Technology industry. The management is ably supported by a team of experts in the areas of management, finance, operations, technical and sales & marketing.

EZEN Value Proposition

EZEN's philosophy is not to align itself with any specific vendor thus limiting its capabilities. Our solution providers analyze the customer’s existing scenario and suggest the best possible solution that suits the customer’s specific needs keeping in mind the existing infrastructure and budgetary constraints.

EZEN solution providers are experts in their field who are focused on delivering the optimal solution quickly, efficiently and at a lower cost

EZEN offers some of the best customer support and service which is unparalleled in the IT industry

EZEN offers the most competitive rates in the industry

EZEN's Commitment to Quality

In an effort to provide our customers with efficient service, EZEN has instituted several Quality guidelines that the employees and consultants adhere to strictly.

The quality guidelines that govern the actions and responsibilities of employees and consultants have been carefully formulated and refined over the years. These guidelines are meant to guide our employees and consultants in their decision-making process that directly impact the client.

All our employees and consultants are also governed by a Policies and Procedures document.

As we are cognizant of the fact that the actions of our employees and consultants directly or indirectly impact the out of a client project we have instituted very stringent quality control mechanisms in our recruitment process. Not only do our consultants have to pass the personal and technical interviews, they also have to pass a web-based assessment exam that tests their technical competencies.

In an effort to provide top-quality service to our clients, we seek constant feedback from our clients, which enables us take corrective action should the situation warrant.

Our employees and consultants are rewarded or reprimanded based on their performance, feedback from clients and adherence to corporate polices and quality guidelines.

Integrity Driven Leadership

EZEN's leadership is based on the belief that long-term success can only be achieved if its decisions are based on principles and integrity.

Customer Service

EZEN believes that Customers are paramount to its business and in line with that ideology has instituted several customer centric policies to ensure that our customers are served to their satisfaction.